Bouncing Back From COVID-19

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Through the pandemic, there were many challenges with companies and the way they were managing sales. In the initial stages, most companies noticed a steady decrease in the amount of work that they could handle, with the bulk of their workforce getting things done from home. Remote working was not a properly implemented system, with most businesses not having foreseen such a situation. Leaving behind these rules, structures, and other processes to a different, not coming-to-office type system were challenging.  

There were a significant amount of layoffs, and several departments shut across the board. Companies were particular about their spendings and reduced the amount that they were putting into marketing. Some companies outsourced their marketing efforts to others, and that is where we come in.

We had to get through many changes during the pandemic, and we were working on making sure we met our clients’ demands. While there were massive lockdowns and other changes, we were adapting and working remotely, but eventually, with the changes that were taking place, everyone learned to adapt, with businesses getting close to the new normal.

COVID has forced our business to learn, grow, and adapt to being more efficient and safe. We saw many more customer acquisitions while working remotely, which was a new shift for us as a company as well. If we have to foresee changes the future holds, we plan on returning after the easing of restrictions and breaking records over the next six months. While there were many challenges that we were dealing with through the pandemic, our only disruption was the mandatory lockdown. However, we did not have to shut down because we started making more adjustments and adapted to the changes that were taking place.

While we were adapting and making all those changes to the process, we had to make some significant changes to the way we communicated across the board. Furthermore, we had to be more organized with how we market, face-to-face. We have contactless conversations in the field and focus on maintaining a six feet distance from each other. We want to be safe and reduce the chance of people getting sick because of COVID.

Additionally, we were working remotely in the initial stages of the pandemic, but after the first few months, we were back to work from our office space. Working from the office made coordinating and communicating with one another easy. However, we were working with clients depending on their preferences. Although working from the office did come with a few challenges that we were facing, which included sending people home to get tested if they weren’t feeling well, or maintaining social distance in the office while getting things done was a little tricky. However, we haven’t had a breakout in the office after returning to work because we are so diligent with our safety protocols.

To add to the fact that we are working from our office, our office currently does not have any restrictions, but we all have mandatory rules about wearing masks and maintaining social distance. Furthermore, we sanitize everything at night while the office is shut to our staff and in the morning, depending on our work schedules. With all the changes taking place through the pandemic, we wanted to keep a few things as we could constant, so we did not change our current working hours.

When it comes to the information that we share, we make it a point to use a secure platform and the right tools and software when getting through the process. Although we did not make the change through the pandemic, the same platform, Verizon smart leads, and optics, was already used, but now we have made it more efficient and contactless. We had to adapt and make changes so that it made sense to keep the same one, and the best part was that the challenges were easy to implement.

While we are still working within a pandemic, we are making changes regularly to assist our clients. While we were working from the office, some of our clients were not open to meeting and preferred working remotely, and we adapted to those changes. We would use zoom every day to conduct our interviews and conference calls. Furthermore, we were open to using other software if the client preferred a different one. However, for the others who wanted to meet, we were willing to meet in person. However, they had to wear a mask and maintain a six ft distance at all times. 

We acquired new clients from June 2020 because of the reputation that we were gathering, although we were living through the COVID pandemic, and we didn’t stop there but focused on growing.

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