How GRIND Management Helped A Family Choose The Perfect Home Internet Package

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At GRIND Management, our team works seamlessly to create marketing strategies that accomplish our clients’ goals. We achieve incredible outcomes by implementing projects with detailed precision and tapping each individual’s specialized talents.

As a direct marketing company, we also have to regularly think on our feet and develop solutions to daily issues people experience with various requirements. Please keep reading to learn about how we helped a family choose the perfect home internet package.

The Challenge: The client was overpaying for an insufficient service
Our task was to find the best possible TV and internet package for a family of six. Each family member had different internet usage requirements. Upon inspection of their internet plan and usage, we noticed that the client was overpaying for their internet service at the time and was not receiving sufficient quality for the family.

The head of the household was an elderly person who didn’t have much use for faster internet and TV channels. But as the decision-maker, we had to get him to understand the needs of the other family members.

The Solution: Highlight the issue and lower the package cost
We decided to gather the rest of the family members to understand their needs one by one. The strategy was to highlight the issue first, then address it by providing a solution.

Once the family was brought into the conversation, and everyone had something to gain from transferring the service, it was easy for the decision-maker to switch. He was happy as we managed to lower his monthly bill in the process.

As a result of switching:
a. All the streamers got the faster speed
b. The adults got internet security and peace of mind with a parental control feature
c. All devices could operate at optimal capacity without having to kick each other off the internet

The Bottom Line
There were time constraints when attempting to get the family together, and we also had to deal with distracting conversations and phone calls interruptions. However, it took us approximately forty-five minutes to solve this issue and get everyone on the same page.

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